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San Pedro de Atacama, one of the towns that draws the most visitors in Chile, is located in the province of El Loa in the Antofagasta Region, which is on the border of Bolivia. It’s 106 kilometers away from the developed city of Calama. There are quite a few features that rightly make San Pedro de Atacama one of Chile's most visited places. The town is like a fairy tale with volcanic hill formations of strange looking canyons, spas of what are said to be healing waters, salt marshes filled by flamingos, and views of the 5916 meter high Licancabur volcano. It’s believed that the copper and quartz mines that are found in abundance in the region create a positive energy in San Pedro de Atacama. The mystical atmosphere of the city is not only due to this positivity and strange geographical phenomena; if you’re interested in the space then you’ll be interested to know that this is the place where the most astrolonomical movements can be oberseved when there is a full moon. In addition, it’s one of the first places NASA tests new space craft since its geographic sturcture is very similar to Mars.

The Archaeological Museum of RP Gustavo Le Paige, one of the best places to get information about the history of the city, exhibits archaeological remains of pre- and post-Columbian periods. Both Pukara de Quitor, built in the tenth century, and Aldea de Tulor Village, which has not changed for three thousand years, are important historical sites that should be seen. Chile's most stunning national park, the Los Flamencos National Conservation Zone, has breathtaking views of countless flamingos, which are amazing for photography. San Pedro de Atacama is the world’s driest area with the least amount of rainfall and is quite close to the popular destinations such as Valle de la Luna and Valle de la Muerta. One of the most interesting impressions that will stay with you as you walk through the streets of single-story mud-brick houses will be the calm townspeople that seem to live without rushing.

The closest airport to San Pedro de Atacama, to where there are no direct flights, is in Calama and it takes 90 minutes to reach the town by bus from there. Taking a taxi or a minibus are possible transport options.


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