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Chile, which is a South American country, is officially known as the Republic of Chile. In the west of the country, which borders by Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, lies the Pacific Ocean.

The name of the country is known as "where the land ends" in the local language. Located at the southernmost tip of South America, the country highly deserves this title.

The capital of Chile is Santiago which is one of the most developed cities in both the country and South America. The population of the country is more than 17 million people. The official language of Chile is Spanish like in many other Latin American countries. The administration in the country, which is divided into different regions including Atacama, Los Lagos, Coquimbo and Tarapaca, may also differ according to the regions.

The country has a remarkable variety of climates and landscapes since it has a large area. In addition, there are four seasons in most of the country. According to data, Chile hosts at least ten major climatic subtypes within its borders. There are large deserts in the northern regions of the country, while cooler weather conditions prevail in the southern parts. In the central part of the country, a climate similar to the Mediterranean climate is effective. Temperatures vary according to these regions throughout the year. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Chile, it is recommended to get information about the location and climate conditions of your destination before your travel.

Built on a mountainous terrain, you can see the mountains that offer fantastic views for its visitors. Ojos del Salado, which is one of the most famous of these mountains, also has a special place as the world's highest volcano.

European immigrants constitute a significant part of its population, which is generally concentrated in the northern regions due to the climate conditions and landforms. There is also a native population in the country.

The country's economy is based on forestry and industrial products. In Chile, seafood is also one of the most important fields of activity. In addition, tourism incomes of the country increase thanks to the hotels and restaurants offering delicious fish and seafood.

Chile is also well-recognized for its world-famous wines. In many of Chile's tourist destinations, especially in the capital Santiago, you can find delicious wines. Chile is also the home of many poets, writers and artists including Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. In addition, festivals and concerts organized in different music genres such as classical music and jazz attract visitors from surrounding countries to Chile every year.

Chile is one of the most beautiful routes for those who want to see completely different climate conditions, geographical features, magnificent mountains and witness the rich history of the country from the north to the south.

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