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About Mandurah

Located on the southwestern coast of Western Australia, Mandurah is a center of attraction for the tourists thanks to its wildlife, migratory birds, and unique nature. The name Mandurah was  adapted from the aboriginal name of the region; Mandijar. Various beautiful species of the wildlife such as manna crabs, dolphins, and pelicans live in Mandurah. Once a calm fishing village, Mandurah has now become an elegant and modern escape route with the crystal-clear sea, marvellous beaches, plenty of restaurants and cafes famous for its cuisine.

Having one of the worldwide-famous inland seas, Mandurah offers you daily boat tours so that you could visit Creery Wetlands, dolphins and luxurious canal houses. During this journal, bottlenose dolphins will accompany you.

Just next to Mandurah Marina, there are plenty of family-friendly and sheltered beaches. You can try various water sports such as  jet-ski, canoeing, or fishing by sailing to the ocean, lake, and rivers. If you are a surf-lover, you can catch perfect waves in surfing spots such as Tims Thicket, Pyramids, Avalon Point, and Gearies.

The beautiful building with its gorgeous view of bay, Mandurah Performing Arts Center hosts various shows for kids, international art performances, comedy shows and theater plays. There is a glass lounge in which you can watch the most beautiful view of Madora Bay in this facility. You can also have a coffee break in this lounge.

You can shop, enjoy food and beverages, or have fun in a live atmosphere in the cafes and wine bars in Dolphin Quay Marina. Alternatively, you can spend a good time with your family in the restaurants or entertaining water-game parks in Mandurah Ocean Marina.

You can reach Abingdon Miniature Village by train or car easily and see re-scaled samples of the historic buildings in Germany, Abingdon, and United Kingdom. Also, you cave have detailed information about the original versions of these buildings. Furthermore, you can check the houses of popular figures such as Shakespeare, Anne Hathaway etc. Upon your discovery in this miniature village, you can have a delicious break in Decadent Chocolate Factory Cafe.

One of the most famous food acitivies of the Aussies is barbecue. That is why you should try barbecue activities to taste fantastic seafood of the local cuisine cooked in barbecue in Mandurah. In this region where various vegetables and fruits are grown, it is also possible to have delicious options for the vegans.

Since Australia is located in the South Hemisphere, the summer season is December, January and February here. If you are interested in visiting Mandurah in summer, you should plan your travel for these months.  

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