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About Zvolen

Zvolen, which is a town on the confluence of the Hron and Slatina rivers, is located in central Slovakia. The name of Zvolen is of Slovak origin and it means "the chosen one, splendid, excellent". Zvolen, whose history dates back to the 9th century and which was the capital in the 1760s, is an attraction center for tourists with its historical and natural beauties.

For the city, which was built under the Pusty Hrad Castle, the castle has a historical meaning. It is also one of the largest medieval castles of Europe. Zvolen Castle is a castle that was built later and became a hunting facility in the course of time. In addition, Hungary’s queen and emperor celebrated their wedding in this castle. Pancierovy vlak (armored train of Hurban) that you will come across on the route to the castle is exhibited as the first train produced in this city.

You can visit the town square of Zvolen which is commonly preferred for shopping and spending time by both local people and tourists. There are many restaurants on this square where you can have pleasant time. Ice-skating rink set up in the winter months takes much attention with the festivals continuing during December. The Arboretum Borova Hora, where you will come across flowers, succulents and cactuses belonging to many fauna and flora families, is ideal for spending a nice day outdoors with your family.

In Zvolen, where you can find delicious menus from the Slovak cuisine bearing traces from the Hungarian, Czech and Austrian cuisines, pig and poultry are at the top.

The best time to travel to Zvolen is the spring and summer months. However, it is possible to spend a nice time under snow for those who like winter months.

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