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About Znojmo

Znojmo, which is a town close to the Austrian border in the south of the Czech Republic, is located on a rocky area on the bank of the Thaya River. The town has an arid climate. In the winter months, the temperature is measured around 2-3 degrees while this value increases to 20-22 degrees in the summer months. Urban transportation is provided by bus.

Znojmo Castle, which was built in the 11th century and has a wonderful view of the Thaya River, is among the tourist attractions of the town. St. Nicholas Church and Town Hall Tower, which are the most distinctive examples of gothic architecture, are among the architectural works that should be visited in the town. Znojmo Catacombs, which consist of a vast labyrinth of underground shelters, passageways and cellars, are among the important historical structures to visit in the town. Virgin Mari and St. Catherine Rotunda built in the 11th century as a church is also an important place visited by tourists. Nature lovers can visit the Podyji National Park which is located about 14 km away from the city center.

Znojmo old town square and almost all of its surrounding was built in the 11th century, and this area consists of buildings, which are well-preserved just like the first day. Tourists are advised to travel this area step by step and take pictures as much as possible. Although the Czech Republic is famous for its local beers, Znojmo and nearby places are quite ambitious about wine production - especially white wine. Those consuming alcohol can visit wine production houses and vineyards and taste local wines.

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