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About Zlatibor

The town Zlatibor, one of health tourism centers in Serbia, is a great place to relax, walk in nature and enjoy unique views. Located at the foothills of the high mountains surrounding the region, the town is even more attractive with its calm atmosphere in spring and summer. In the winter season, the spectacular natural areas turn into a center of winter tourism that fascinates skiing lovers.

Unlike the capital Belgrade, Zlatibor stands out for its tranquil and calm atmosphere, not for its cafés, restaurants and lively streets.

The town used to be known as the town of Rujno mostly in the Middle Ages, but then began to be called by this name, Zlatibor. The town, which began to have its present appearance from the 18th century onwards, takes the name of a different kind of pine growing in the region.

The weather in town is usually not too hot. In winter, the temperature falls to minus degrees but begins to increase in spring. In summer, the temperature is generally around 18-20 degrees.

The town has many modern accommodation facilities for its visitors and a large number of tourists visit the town for skiing during the winter. In spring and summer, it is a popular destination for those who want to spend time and walk in nature and to enjoy mountain views. The town, which started to attract visitors as tourists in the late 1800s, has been one of the main stops of health tourism in the country since then. Zlatibor hosts many endemic plants in endemic forests surrounding it, and is therefore one of the protected areas of Serbia. Known for their diversity of living beings, the forests also host dozens of different species of birds and reptiles.

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