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With a meaning of iron ore in the dictionary, Železná Ruda is a town located in the Pilsen Region of the Czech Republic. The town is located in the Šumava Mountains, close to the border of Bavaria and the German town Bayerisch Eisenstein. The German name of the town comes from the period known as a market town, where the German people deported in 1945 lived, in the Middle Age. In addition to its historical and cultural wealth, the town mostly attracts the attention of the tourists with the fact that it is an important sports and tourism center in the Šumava Mountains.

Černé Jezero, Čertovo Jezero lakes and the Špičák Peak with a height of 1202 meters are among the natural beauties that should be seen in the town, which is surrounded by green forests and mountains. You can have an amazing view of Železná Ruda from Špičák Observation Tower and eat delicious food in the nearby restaurants. You can join the walks around the lake and the hiking tours towards the peak. With its both splendid view and restaurants on top of the mountain, Grober Arber is a facility where you can have a nice time as a family.

Located in the Šumava Mountains that have the largest forests of Europe, Špičák Ski Center is one of the biggest holiday destinations in the continent except for the Alps. You can ski and snowboard in the tracks regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional and receive training in the ski schools of the facility. You can enjoy skiing as a whole family in the facility, which also has a ski run for small visitors. Right now, the facility offers a ski tour with seven different lengths and levels of difficulty in an immediate region.

Železná Ruda is an awesome starting point to explore the extraordinary beauty of Šumava National Park. You can walk to Čertovo and Černé glacial lakes, which are among the most beautiful places of the whole park, or ski. You can have a trip to Český Krumlov Castle, which is the second biggest castle of the Czech Republic and looks as if it came out of a tale. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Church of Panna Maria Pomocná z Hvězdy with an eastern style dome, Chapel St. Barbara addressed as the saint of miners and sacred Křížová Cesta (Cross Path) for believers are among the historical beauties of Železná Ruda. You can get information about the local, historical and traditional glasswork in the house which belongs to a traditional glass-producer family of the region and visit the photography exhibition.

In Železná Ruda, you can explore the local delicacies of the Czech cuisine and taste animals like geese, ducks and rabbits as well as pork, beef and poultry. You should definitely try Bramboracka soup, potato and cabbage salad. You can travel to Železná Ruda, where you will find many activities within nature during both winter and summer months, at any time of the year. However, we recommend the long period between November and May for those who love winter sports. The temperature is 5,7 degrees on average throughout the year.

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