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About Zalakaros

Dating back to the 13th century, Zalakaros is a town in Zala County of Hungary. Though the main means of living is farming, Zalakaros became famous all around the world especially for thermal springs. The facilities that give both local and foreign tourists an opportunity to spend a great time via various indoor and outdoor activities become quite common in Zalakaros. Offering you such services as sauna, SPA, pool, etc., these facilities also have supportive activities of the physical and mental health for people of all ages in the hot and thermal baths. Besides, some of them are quite popular with the night parties they organize.

For the ones interested in taking a tour in Zalakaros, Pannonhàt Landscape Park, Lake Balaton Minor and its nearby are among the places visited the most due to their magnificent atmosphere. This lake got its name due to the fact that it is smaller than Balaton, also known as the Hungarian Sea. The most popular activity on Lake Balaton Minor is hand-line fishing. Having a fishing club, Zalakaros is a place where horse riding, hunting, and wintersports such as ice-skating are also popular. Moreover, there are various tracks for the cyclists around Lake Balaton Minor and the route from Zalakaros to Galambok. Since the sport activities are highly preferred in this country, Zalakaros also has some small and big businesses on tennis courts, football field and ski centres, etc.

Another spot to see in Zalakaros, Kis-Balaton National Park is ideal if you would like to see birds under protection, or indigenous buffalos species. For this reason, this park is especiallly preferred for trekking activities. Besides, botanical garden is among the must-see places in Zalakaros. In these botanical gardens that offer you a calming atmosphere and open-air cinema, you can take a closer look at the unique and interesting plant species. Besides, Hungary is a leading country in Europe in terms of gastronomy. As in the other regions of Hungary, Zalakaros also has vineyards where you can attend wine-tasting activities to try the most delicious Hungarian wines.    

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