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Yeni Foça is a quaint seaside town on the Aegean Sea in Izmir, Turkey. The 800-year-old Yeni (“New”) Foça lies about 20 km North of its larger more established namesake, the 3000-year-old Eski (“Old”) Foça. Its natural beauty remains intact due to its protected status as a preserved area. Since it is windier than Eski Foça, its wavy coast is ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts. It’s also less developed and quieter than Eski Foça, making it a great seaside getaway from the distractions of the city. Boutique hotels on the shore offer accommodation for every budget. You can lodge in Yeni Foça and plan daytrips to surrounding destinations and beaches. There are many historical ruins nearby, such as the 4th century B.C. Persian Monumental Grave just 7 km away.

Restaurants, cafes and bars line the coast. After a meal of fresh fish, seafood and meze, visitors can stop by the famous ice cream shop for unique flavors of elastic, chewy Turkish ice cream thickened with salep and mastic. For breakfast or a snack, try gözleme (phyllo dough stuffed with local greens and cheese or other ingredients) or kumru (a unique sandwich in which all components, including the cheese and sesame bread, are grilled). The weekly bazaar on Thursdays fills the streets with local fruits and vegetables and homemade jams, olives, pastries and bread. Kozbeyli village, on the road from Yeni Foça to Izmir, is famous for its traditional Turkish coffee.

Foça is known for its unique breed of roosters and the now endangered Mediterranean monk seal (fokia in Greek and fok in Turkish), for which it was named. Even the locals claim they have only spotted these rare seals a few times in their whole lives. Shops sell miniature monk seals and roosters, which make great souvenirs. Foça is also famous for its Sirens’ Rocks, mentioned in Homer’s epic The Odyssey. You can reach Yeni Foça by car or bus from Izmir. Izmir Internatıonal Airport is about 90 km away.

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