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About Yalikavak

Yalıkavak, which is located 20 kilometers away from the center of Bodrum, is a holiday destination famous for its windmills and sunset views as well as its white-painted typical Bodrum houses. Sponge diving was an important source of living in Yalıkavak but today tourism has replaced this old tradition. The town has a deep-rooted history dating back to thousands of years before common era.

Dağbelen Village, which is a lovely example of the typical Aegean villages with the mountains surrounding it, is among the ideal destinations for a day-trip. You can also visit Sandima Village in order to experience village life.

You should also visit the gardens where the famous mandarins of Bodrum are grown and breathe the wonderful odors of these gardens. If you want to swim in the clear waters of the Aegean, you can get on one of the boats departing from the coast and going to the surrounding bays.

If you want to try special tastes that will make your holiday more enjoyable and unforgettable, you don’t need to get too far. Yalıkavak cuisine includes light and delicious tastes. Fish types, salads with olive oil, appetizers that are essential for enjoyable tables, seafood products and fruit ice-cream are among the tastes you should definitely try in Yalıkavak. In addition, you can join the concerts organized on the streets of Yalıkavak which gets very crowded in the summer months. You can spend enjoyable time listening to music in the places of entertainment.

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