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Xaghra, a popular destination for tourists thanks to its natural and historical resources, is located in the northeast of Malta. The beautiful bays of Ramla are surrounded by the valleys named Ta 'l-Gjejjun and Marsalforn. Xaghra is home to the Ġgantija Temple Complex, which takes part in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The admirable megalithic Temples of the Ġgantija in the south of Xagdirra dominate the magnificent landscape of Gozo. Ġgantija is the largest one of the megalithic temples in Malta, which you will be agree with us when you see it. Do not forget to take a photo at the entrance of the temple of Ġgantija.

Ramla Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gozo with its golden sand. When you visit here, you can also explore the Calypso Cave. In addition, you can have a nice meal in the restaurants nearby or enjoy the sea on the sun loungers all day. There is the Xerri's Grotto in the northern backstreets of the village square. You can enter this underground cave with stalactites and stalagmites through a private home, which makes it an unusual situation. Antonio Xerri, the host who discovered the cave beneath his house, discovered the connection between cave and the tourist potential. In 1923, he started the excavation and the cave was reached.

Ta'Kola, which was built in 1725 with the support of the Knights who built windmills to increase flour production, is now a lovely museum where vehicles and lives are exhibited. You can have a nice time in this mill, and you can appreciate the effort to make the bread.

Pomskizilli Toy Museum is a spine-chilling museum where you can find toy houses, babies and bullet soldiers from the 19th century. Moreover, you should definitely visit the museum section dedicated to Edward Lear, who is the eponym of the museum.

Red and white meat has the head role in Xaghra, where you will taste good examples from the Maltese cuisine that are generally influenced by Mediterranean and Tunisian cuisines. Red meat includes also rabbit stew. Therefore, it is useful to investigate the kind of meat used in dishes for those who do not want to eat rabbits. You can find salty and sweet pastries even on the street, and you can easily spend a meal time this way. You have to try Gbejna cheese. It is a kind of Gozo special cheese and has a special place in Xaghra. Let's remind you that you can eat nice and delicious meals in Xaghra by spending less money than you think.

The best time to travel to Xaghra is between April and September. After June, there are serious increases in air temperatures. Therefore, if you do not like hot weather, April, May and June months may be the best choices for you.

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