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About Wilderness

Wilderness is located on the coastline known as Garden Route in the west of Cape Region in South Africa. In the town, which has wide beaches and coastline, you can enjoy the views of the Indian Ocean, Quteniqua Mountains and Kaaimans River. Wilderness National Park, which is a part of the magical Garden Route National Park, is a wonderful area for wildlife including leopards, monkeys and eagles. This makes Wilderness an attractive destination for tourists.

Wilderness, which is located in the heart of Garden Route, is like a treasure for those who love spending time in nature. This place offers a wide range of activities like canoeing, cycling, hiking and kite surfing with its lakes, mountains and coasts. The most popular walking trails in Wilderness is the Half-collard Kingfisher Trail extending across the Afromontane forest. This popular trail starts on the western bank of the Touw River and extends along 5 kilometers from here. Do not forget to take along your swimsuit, towel etc. in order to benefit from the waterfall and rock pool that you will encounter on your route. You can also see a yellow wood tree that is one of nature’s treasures. This “Big Tree” is an 850-year-old piece of history that you should definitely see. Every route on this safe trail is convenient for those with wheelchair. You can join hiking tours to Kaaimans Waterfall and River and have a wonderful trip in nature with canoe tours.

Wilderness offers delicious alternatives from the local cuisine as well as the European cuisine. We should remind you that you will not be able to find cheap alternatives for eating and drinking. The best time to travel to Wilderness is the period between July and October.

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