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Wiener Neustadt, which is located in the state of Lower Austria, only 30 kilometers away from Vienna and very close to the Hungarian border, is a popular tourist destination with its nature and historical beauties.

Wiener Neustadt, which became an important industrial city with the construction of the Austrian Southern Railway and establishment of the Theresian Military Academy in the 1700s, has today become a popular tourist destination with its important historical places and nature. You should definitely visit the Myra Falls which is located about 20 km west of Wiener Neustadt. This is an attractive place with its walking trails and nature. You can visit one of the restaurants here after spending a long day in this place.

You can arrange a discovery trip around the Grand Canal extending along the Wiener Neustadt. You can have long and pleasant walks to explore the paths around this grand canal. The Theresian Military Academy, which is one of the oldest military academies of the world, was established in 1751. This academy trained many successful students of the country in the field of military. Although the main building was restored within years, it is a structure that is worth seeing with its characteristic orange tiles.

Mariahilfberg, which is an unmissable opportunity for nature and history enthusiasts, is among the places to visit with its fantastic baroque design. According to the rumors, it is It is a special church which was home to miracles. Romanesque-style Dom Wiener Neustadt Cathedral, which has survived until today from the 13th century, is an attractive structure with its iconic two big bells. In addition, it is very enjoyable to spend time in its garden.

The Gesaeuse National Park, which is a continuation of the Gesaeuse mountain chain that forms large valleys and straits, is a nature park that you can visit. In this park, which is wonderful for waters ports or hiking, you can spend relaxing time in the surrounding restaurants all day long. Located on Rathaus market square, the Wiener Neustadt Town Hall, which has been able to survive until today since 1400s in its original gothic style, is worth seeing.

In Wiener Neustadt, where you can try the special tastes of the Austrian cuisine, you will find a cuisine consisting of schnitzel, beef and pork. In addition, you can try the delicious desserts in this city.

The best time to visit Wiener Neustadt is between June and September. The hottest month in Wiener Neustadt is August.

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