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Wicklow is a traditional Irish city and at the same time is the capital of the east of the country. Established by the Vikings in the 8th century, the city is known for its natural beauties as well as its historical significance and is described as the ‘Garden of Ireland’ because of its peaceful atmosphere. The region, where the Leinster Mountain passes through, is composed of fertile plains and the excellent sandy beaches of rocky cliff coasts. With a Blue Flag award, Brittas Bay, where the best beach in Ireland is located, is among the highest quality beaches in Europe, while it is also highly preferred due to its beautiful natural and historical monuments.

There are many world-class golf courses in this beautiful city of Ireland, one of the countries with the largest number of golf courses in the world. Wicklow is a city well suited for surfing, horse riding, mountain biking and more and is also a paradise for hiking. You can enjoy trekking in the clean air in Ireland’s longest hiking trail, Wicklow Road, or on the city's hills. The Wicklow Mountains National Park, which spans over an area of 220 kilometers, is the largest of the six Irish national parks and sets the most beautiful route to enjoy nature. Victor’s Road Sculpture Park, where entering with a mobile phone is forbidden, is inviting you to nature; here you can encounter many handmade sculptures from South India. If you would like to get more information about the history of the city and see historic monuments, the Glendalough Glacier Valley in Wicklow’s center is the place to see Ireland’s most important early medieval monastic settlement dating back to the 6th century. The arched granite passage at the entrance of the monastery is the only one in the country. The oldest mills of the country built in 1723, the 121 meters high highest waterfall of the country, the Powerscourt Waterfall, the Arboretum hosting the Irish champion longest and oldest tree, Pollaphuca, a rare wild bird sanctuary hosting the Greylag gooses are among the main sights distinguishing the city from others. The city’s most impressive structure, on the other hand, is Wicklow Gaol, which is famous for its dramatic, criminal, persecution stories. Thousands of tourists come to the city each year to sit in the cells of the toughest prison of the 18th century, and dream of those days.

You can easily reach the city via highway or railway. Dublin’s suburban trains come until into the city. If you prefer to travel by air, the closest airport you can land is Dublin Airport, which is 72 kilometers from the city.

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