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Located in the Upper Austria, Wels has an excellent location on the Traun River near Linz. Due to its central location, the importance of the city increased in the course of time and many castles and fortification walls were built in the Roman Period to protect the city. During the Middle Ages; the city, which witnessed great destructions during World War II, is still home to many buildings defying to the past such as Ledererturm and Stadtpfarrkirche. You need to spend at least 2-3 days to visit the whole city which hosts unique structures remaining from the neolithic period. The route of the bicycle tours, which are among the most popular activities to enjoy in Wels, generally starts from the Traun River. While cycling on a little challenging road of about 32 km long stretching along the Traun River, you will see many places offering local tastes as well as Krenglbach, Schmiding Zoo, Waizenkirchen, vineyards and fruit gardens. The River Traun route will be a great choice for those who love cycling in the open air.

Tiergarten or Wels Zoo is very close to the Traun River and located in a beautiful park in the center of Wels. The animal species you can see in the park, whose construction dates back to the 1930s, are deer, donkey, wild cats and lynx. You don't need to pay any fee for entering into Tiergarten which includes a wide variety of activity areas for children, cafes, restaurants and food stalls. Schmiding Zoo, which is the second popular zoo in the city, is located in the north of Wells approximately 15 minutes drive away from the city center. In the zoo, which attracts attention with its rich flora and fauna, there are rarely seen Siberian huskies, the only gorilla of Austria, African giraffes, vultures and many different bird species. In addition, the zoo has the biggest marine aquarium of Austria which is home to sea creatures like eels, stingrays, sturgeon and angelfish. Kalkalpen National Park, which is one of the most famous national parks of Europe as well as Austria, is a unique place offering breathtaking views of the Alps. Kalkalpen National Park, which is located in the south of Wels about 30 km of the city center, covers an area of 20 thousand hectares in total. In this wonderful park area, there is the biggest forest of the Central Europe. By using the chairlift, it is possible to reach the observation tower located near Windischgarsten in the park which offers many activities such as trekking, horse riding and mountain biking.

The gorgeous tower called Ledererturm with a history dating back to the 13th century is one of the oldest structures shedding light on the history of Wels. At 37.7 meters high, the quadruplex Ledererturm tower was restored for many times over the years. With its impressive design, this tower will be one of your favorite structures in this city. You'll love its windows surrounded by decorative arches. The magnificent Marienwarte observation tower, which was built at the end of the 1800s, is located at an altitude of 391 meters above sea level. The tower, where you can see the panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the Traun River, is one of the places that attract the most visitors in Wels.

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