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About Wagrain

Wagrain is a small, mountainous, touristic town. It’s connected to the State of Salzburg in Austria, and is 78 km to the city center of Salzburg, and approximately 30 miles to the German border. Wagrain used to be a mining town in the past, but is a popular ski resort today, especially among Europeans. With melting of the snow in spring, the skiers in the hills are replaced with mountain cyclists. The Wagrain Water Park brings merriness to the town during the summer months. 

Wagrain has a cold climate. The temperature is an average of around -8 degrees in the winter, and in the summer goes up to an average of 18-19 degrees. It snows in the winter with plenty of rainfall in the other months, and so the town becomes adorned with white in winter and then lush green in the summer and spring. But whichever colors Wagrain is happens to be wearing, it has an atmosphere that's absolutely magical all year round. 

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