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About Velingrad

Velingrad is a Bulgarian city which is also known as the SPA Capital of the Balkans thanks to its beautiful nature and over 70 mineral springs. This beautiful city on the west coast of the Chepino Valley in the Rhodope Mountains and 130 kilometers from Sofia and 80 kilometers from Plovdiv, is one of the most important ‘balneological’ towns in the Balkans.

Velingrad was founded in 1948 by the merger of three cities named Kamenitsa, Chepino and Ladzhene. Since its foundation, it has been transformed from a small town in the western Rhodope into the most popular touristic town in Bulgaria. The biggest treasure of this city where you will feel the fresh smell of pine forests up to the hilt is mineral water sources. These natural resources, ranging in temperature from 27 to 94 centigrade, are the largest geothermal resources in Southern Bulgaria. It is widely known that the healing waters used since the Roman period are good for healing many diseases such as gastrointestinal, respiratory and nervous diseases.

The diversity of the nature in the Velingrad is also quite attractive. There are 15 natural parks around the city protected by UNESCO. Fishing is allowed in Batak, Dospat and Belmeken dams. In the city, which has more sunny days than in other parts of Bulgaria, you can have a holiday all year round. In summer you can swim in the mineral outdoor swimming pools and in winter you can enjoy the unique view of the snow-capped mountain heads. One of the most beautiful sections of the city is Kleptuza Lake, which is one of the biggest karstic sources of Bulgaria. You can reach the lake at the end of the city by walking through the green pine forests. The most important cultural monument of Velingrad is the medieval Tsepina Castle that is located on an 1136-meter-high rock. The most interesting museum of the city is the Museum of History and you will see the richest exhibition of painted Easter eggs in Bulgaria. You should definitely visit the rock formation called Kamak, which is similar to the Russian dolls and located near Pobit Village and which is 35 kilometers away from the city. And you should also visit the Lepenitsa Cave, famous for its stalagmites and the stalactites of 13 km southwest.

The nearest airport to Velingrad is Plovdiv Airport in Plovdiv, which is about 100 kilometers away. You can reach the city center by using a bus, shuttle, taxi or by renting a car from the airport.

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