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About Tsilivi

Tsilivi, which is also known as Planos, is a coastal town of Zakynthos that is a hidden jewelry among over 6000 islands among which you can choose from the Mediterranean archipelago. It is ideal for seaside holiday with its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauties. In Tsilivi, which is a small town with a beautiful coastline, lovely villages and a few of Greece's best beaches, you should add the must-see beaches to your list.

Navagio Beach is among the beaches to visit with its white sand and beautiful sea. It is also possible to dive here where there is also a shipwreck. Since there is no road from the land, you have to reach a certain point by car and go down the slope or you should travel here by boat. Xigia Bay is a natural beach that is protected by huge cliffs. You can dive with the boat tours that you will take off from the island and enjoy swimming with sea turtles.

Alykes Beach is a beautiful beach and ideal for enjoying the sea with its golden sand and blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Gerakas Beach, where turtles visit to lay their eggs during the season, will astonish you with its red-tinged sand and very clear sea. The exact date of the Venetian Castle is unknown, but it was restored in 1515. This castle, which was invaded many times, is an elegant heritage of the Venetians. You can watch the amazing view by climbing to the Keri Rocks which dominate the island. The nearby lighthouse and the town of Keri are also worth seeing.

Fresh seafood and delicious flavors consisting of meat and appetizers wait for you in the restaurants and taverns located in the center of Zakynthos. In addition, you can find delicious tastes from the European cuisines. The best time to visit Tsilivi, which experiences a very long summer season, is between May and October.

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