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Truskavets, which is located in the west of Ukraine, is a tourist destination famous for its mineral springs. It is very close to the border of Poland. The city located on the border of Lviv Oblast is known for its thermal waters healing for various health problems. The city, which is home to some of the best hotels of Ukraine, is visited by a great number of domestic and foreign tourists who want to benefit from the healing power of the waters every year.

Especially the sulfur-scented, slightly saline “Naftusia” plays an important role for the popularity of this city. The town situates on an attractive valley in the Carpathian foothills and can be easily reached from Lviv by bus or train.

The name of Truskavets, which is usually the choice of the Ukrainian and Russian tourists, was first seen in the written sources in the 1400s. Although it is known that some small settlements were also established in the region before this period, the popularization of the city dates back to the following years.

The first thermal bath in the city, which is located on a very lucky geography in terms of thermal waters, was opened in 1827. Afterwards, thanks to the thermal facilities and hotels that started offering service one after another in the region, the region became one of the first places coming to mind when it comes to health and SPA tourism in Ukraine. At the beginning of the 1900s, over 5 thousand visitors were coming to Truskavets every year.

After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the region remained under the rule of Poland for a certain period of time. During this period, numerous thermal facilities were built in Truskavets and the leading names of the country visited the city.

Today, Truskavets has many other attractions in addition to its spas and thermal waters. While wandering around the historical center of the city, you can spend a pleasant time in the park on warm summer days and see the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the famous Polish poet and writer. Villa Anastasia, Vasyl Bilas and Dmytro Danylyshyn monuments, which are among the most beautiful architectures of the city, are worth seeing. If you want to witness the recent history of Truskavets, you need to take the road to the Truskavets City Museum. Moreover, like almost all of the cities in Ukraine, Truskavets is famous for its churches. Even if you don't have enough time to see all the churches nearby, you can only visit the St. Nicholas Church.

The city also offers entertaining alternatives for those who want to the enjoy the night in the city which can be reached after a 2-hour travel by bus or train from Lviv. You can spend quite enjoyable time in the bars and discos offering service to the Russian and Ukrainian tourists especially in the summer months. You can reach many points in the city by walking without using a taxi or bus. However, if you prefer using a means of transportation, you should bargain on the fare before getting on any taxi.

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