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About Toender

In Denmark, Toender is a city that fascinates you by the nature and unique architecture. You can travel the whole city on foot. Toender is increasing its popularity day by day with Tønder Festival held in August of the each year. The fans of rock, blues, and country music all around the world have come together in this festival since 1974. Moreover, in this festival where the new musicians find an opportunity to introduce themselves, famous figures also take the stage.

Built in 1857, Højer Mill is now known as Tønder Museum, a modern museum where the Tønder lace and furniture are displayed. A water tower built in 1902, Vandtårnet has an extraordinary view you can enjoy. Kunstmuseet is used for various art exhibitions. In Tønder, which was under German rule between 1864 and 1920, The Zeppelin- and Garrison Museum was opened in 1999 and displays important pieces such as the air vehicles used in the World War I and bomb residues used by the British Royal Navy.

Nationalpark Vadehavet (Wadden Sea National Park) in Rømø Island, a part of Toender Municipality, is a region where you can see many animal species such as migratory birds, seals, and, abalones, and also discover various things such as the tides on the sea, life on the island and natural life, etc. Moreover, it is possible to see the remnants of the Atlantic Wall built by Nazi Germany to prevent any possible invasion during World War II.  

One of the best things that could be done in the region of Toender is to attent a tour named “sort safari”, since you can have the opportunity to experience the Black Sun, a quite common natural phenomenon in Denmark. Black Sun is indeed the passage of starlings and a flock of geese during the sunset. It occurs between March and April, when the flock migrate to the other Baltic states.

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