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About Tinerhir

Tinerhir, also known as Tinghir in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet, is named after the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The Todra Oasis, which also has water canals through the palm trees in North Tinerhir along Toda River till Todra Gorge, is one of the most beautiful oases in Morocco. You can take a walk by the big palm trees, clear river and many small canals. If you go across the river, you can also explore an abandoned barbary village. The oasis, which you can reach with guided tours, can be an amazing option for taking a walk and resting. If you like outdoor sports, you can do rock climbing and trekking with a day trip to Todra Gorge.

You should definitely visit the Mosque Ikelane referred to as the hearth of Tinerhir. It has survived till today since the Middle Age, but its decoration and plastered arch belongs to the nineteenth century. In the vicinity, the village that needs to be explored in first place is Amtoudi Village in a valley taking you to a magnificent canyon. you can taste the local delicacies and choose souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones by visiting the market set in Tinerhir every Wednesday.

You can find typical Moroccan food in Tinerhir’s cuisine; its cuisine mainly comprised of tajine, couscous and seafood is both cheap and satisfying. In Tinghir, summers are hot and arid, winters are cold. The sky is mostly clear throughout the year. However, if you want to avoid high temperatures, the best time to travel to Tinerhir is April, May, October and November.

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