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About Teplice

Teplice, which is located near the border with the German state of Saxony in the North Bohemia Region, is the second biggest spa town of Czech Republic after Karlovy Vary. Teplice, which is one of the oldest spa and hot springs of Europe, is situated in the valley between the ridges of Central Bohemian Mountains and Ore Mountains.

In Botanicka Zahra, you can learn the local flora and fauna, and you can spend a pleasant time in this small but beautiful garden. You can see the museums, parks and Holy Trinity Column, which are important symbols for Teplice, while walking on the street of Masarykovo Namesti. Teplice rocks frequently visited by tourists thanks to their interesting shapes are among the most popular rock formations of the Czech Republic. You should definitely give a chance to the tours organized to Teplice rocks.

If you want to benefit from the spas in Teplice, you can evaluate Teplice nad Becvou Spa. It is a medical-supported thermal hot spring in a wonderful forest where 500-year local spring waters are offered to guests with special procedures.

If you will travel to Teplice in order to benefit from spa and hot spring facilities, it serves this purpose in every season of the year. However, if you want to be here in warmer months, you can visit this town in August.

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