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About Tavira

Being located in the south of Portugal, Tavira is a seaside city close to the border of Spain. The city is located in the delta that Gilao River meets Atlantic Ocean. During summer season, the temperature is around 30°C where it drops around 15°C in winter season when it is mainly rainy.

Tavira is a touristic city with many archaeological sites. Lots of monuments and archaeological remains dating back to Roman, Arab and Christian era ornament the city. However, these historical and cultural heritages are not the only ones that make this city valuable for the tourists. Also, the islands very close to the coast of the city along with the long and white sands of these islands invite the ocean lovers to swin and sunbathe here.

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is a natural park that you could get rest in peace and take a walk cosily. You can get enough of the pipes of the bird, since this park is one of the stops of the migration route of many migratory birds. If you are interested, you can also birdwatch. Many tour organizations are held in the city with this aim. Also, there are also various tours of trekking, horse-riding, cycling and boating in Tavira. Golf is a most-preferred sport that can be trained and played in this city. Moreover, scuba diving and snorkelling are also very popular.

The lagoon called Pego do Inferno, enriched with a waterfall is also a must-see place. Salt pans are one of the most important factor affecting the economy of the city, which are actually open to visit. Being accepted as a part of city culture, Old Town Market is one of the most historical parts of the city, in which you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and seefood. As in the whole country, fish is also an important nutrition here and it is highly recommended to try new and different tastes in this city.

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