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About Tamraght

Tamraght is a small fishing village located on a hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean about 17 kilometers north of Agadir. Tamraght, which has become a popular destination with the increasing number of tourists each year, is today like a hidden paradise with its perfect nature, wonderful waves for surfers, beaches and authentic atmosphere.

In the region famous for banana gardens, you should see the Banana Beach which is located in the north of Agadir and very convenient for the beginning surfers. You can give a break to try the local tastes within walking distance and watch the sunset which is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities of the Banana Beach. You can prefer the Surf Riad houses next to the beach for accommodation. The crocodile beach, K17 and Devil’s Rock are also among the wonderful points with clean and calm waves for surfers. Devil’s Rock offers a great view and you can enjoy the special mint tea of Morocco here.

On the market set up on Wednesday, you can have an exotic trip in company with the fresh fruits and local tastes. Here, you can socialize with the local people of Tamraght. Tamraght, which is surrounded by mountains, has many great paths for nature walk. You can see wonderful points in order to catch the wonderful sunrise and sunset with the endless view of the blue ocean extending from the Banana village to Taghazout. If you are looking for a different experience in this beautiful place, you can join a tour on a camel which will be one of the most exciting moments of your life. You can find a tour both on the coast and in the villages at the hill.  

There are many restaurants in Tamraght where you can taste budget-friendly and traditional dishes. By visiting one of the popular restaurants, you can have a nice meal consisting of fresh and delicious seafood. The best time to visit Tamraght, which can be visited in any month of the year, is the period between September and April when the wave length rises for the experienced surfers.

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