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About Takayama

Takayama, which is located in the Gifu Valley in the Hida Mountains region of Japan, is commonly known as Hida-Takayama among the public. The people living in the city are known for their carpentry talents and skills throughout Japan.

The effects of the terrestrial climate are observed in Takayama. In addition, some characteristics of the moist semi-tropical climate are also experienced. The temperature difference between the summer and winter months is very high in the city where the four seasons are experienced. The rains are predominantly seen in the summer months. In the winter months, there is heavy snowfall. Takayama is one of the cities having the most snowfall in Japan.

The old city center known as the Old Town has succeeded in protecting its historical traditional structure for many centuries. For this reason, it is a destination commonly preferred by the tourists who want to know the real Japanese culture better. In addition, the village, which has nine households and is called Hida Folk Village or Hida no Sato, is an outdoor museum and consists entirely of traditional Japanese houses, warehouses and small factories. Visitors also have the opportunity to participate in various workshops.

The Sanmachi Suji neighborhood, which consists of three large streets, is very rich in terms of stores and shops where you do some shopping while travelling around. In this neighborhood, there are also cafes and restaurants where you can taste Japanese dishes and drink sake.

The Higashiyama Walking Course is an extremely enjoyable walking route to reach the magnificent view of the Japanese Alps by passing by the various temples and trees. You can buy the products of the local farmers in the marketplaces set up in the morning. In these markets, there are not only food products but also products such as clothes and souvenirs.

There are many museums in Takayama. Two different festivals held on April 14-15 and October 9-10 are also very entertaining and attract many visitors to the city.

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