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Szklarska Poreba is Poland’s largest winter holiday and sports center, and is located in the Kamienna Valley in the foothills of the huge Krkonoše mountain range. 86 percent of the 74 square kilometres of the small town are covered in pine forests and the town has a very small population.

There is snow on the ground for 110 days a year in Szklarska Poreba and the snow maintains its thickness until the spring. A total of 100 kilometers of slopes, with 5 downhill tracks, make the area a paradise for skiing and dog sledding. All over the slopes of the ski resort there are two chair lifts, five ski lifts, and T-bar lifts made from the newest technology in Poland. The area offers extraordinary winter views, and is surrounded by granite rocks that change color according to daylight.

It’s a rare place that has appealed to athletes, cyclists, mountain climbers, and artists looking for a serene natural environment from the mid 19th century.  There is a 10-kilometer bike path with spectacular views between the Krkonoše and Jizera Mountains, which attracts cyclists from all over the world. Since the region is rich in minerals such as quartz, many glass artists also reside here. The romantic town with a colony of artists from noble prizewinning painters, famous philosophers and groups of writers, is a place that charms you with its sound of waterfalls and smell of flowers.

The closest airport to Szklarska Poreba is Pardubice Airport, which is 91.7 kilometers from Szklarska Poreba. You can rent a car, take a taxi or a bus to get to Szklarska Poreba from Pardubice Airport.

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