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Szczyrk is a town in the Beskid Slaski Mountains of southern Poland. It is home to one of the country's most popular ski resorts. With more than 60 km of ski slopes the Skrzyczne Mountain has the highest peak of the Silesian Beskids with an altitude of 1257 meters which is close to the town Szcyrk. The peak season in Szczyrk which is one of the main destinations of ski tourism and adventure tourism in Poland, is the period between December and April. You can explore the hiking trails along the Mt Skrzyczne and Mt Klimczok summits if you have anytime left from skiing. Starting from the town center you can expect to see great mountain views. You can go paragliding in Silesian which is a 30 minute drive to the summit and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Beskidy Mountains. Don't forget to visit the 18th-century wooden St Jacob's Church, right in the heart of the city. Located in the northeastern part of the Beskid Slaski Mountains, 15 km south of Bielsko-Biala and 17 km from Zywiec, Szczyrk has a residential population of around 5500 inhabitants. At the foot of the Zylica River Valley, Szczyrk is at an altitude of 460-600 m, surrounded by Mt Klimczok from the north and Mt Skrzyczne and Mt Malinow (1095 meters) from the south. Covering an area of ​​39 square kilometers the town is exposed to the impacts of a humid sea climate and dry climate. Szczyrk is where you can immerse yourself in the clean mountain air and gives energy of life to the people. Szcyrk is located in between John Paul II Krakow-Balice Internation Airport and Katowice Pyrzowice Airport. You can travel to Szczyrk by air or you can travel by road to Szczyrk from many cities in Poland.

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