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Swords, which is located in the Fingal district of Ireland, is accepted as Ireland’s third best city to live in. The developing city is also a starting point for tourists due to its proximity to the airport. In Swords, which is very fascinating with its nature, history and cultural events, your first stop can be the Swords Castle remaining from 1200. Originally designed as a summer palace belonging to Dublin's first Archbishop, the castle is known as the Swords Castle since it is one of the most impressive structures in the region. The Swords Town Park right next to the Castle located on the Bridge Street can be evaluated after visiting the castle. You can take a walk along the Ward River flowing through the park and have a pleasant time here.

If you want to spend more time outdoors, you should definitely see the Ward River Valley Park located between the two rivers. This region is called as Jacko among the local people. This park is a very green area with children parks and walking tracks where the families especially with children can spend a whole day and enjoy the nature.

If you have a passion for fishing, Lough Sheelin might be the ideal place for you. The region located within the borders of Cavan, Meath and Westmeath is a part of the Inny River. The busiest period in the region, which is known as wild trout stock, is experienced during the months of June and September. Here you can have a pleasant experience by joining those catching fish. Swords Round Castle, which was founded by St. Columcille, is an early Christian foundation. This castle is much larger than any castle you'll see in Ireland. For this reason, the castle, whose construction lasted for 400 years, attracts the attention of many tourists. The castle is open to the public in the summer months.

Grange Gallery is an art gallery that you may not expect to find on Dublin countryside.The gallery exhibits the works of local, national and international artists. In addition, you can have a nice meal in the gallery offering wine and homemade traditional dishes to its visitors. You can select local souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. In the Pavilions Shopping Center, you can find different products and also evaluate the small stores on the main street and Bridge street.

In Swords, where you can find many alternatives from the traditional Irish cuisine as well as the Chinese and Indian dishes, there is food service all day long in the pubs frequently visited by the local people. Shepherd’s pie, blood sausage, Irish casserole, sea bass and trout are among the delicacies to taste in this town.

Swords has mild winters and cool summers. The best time to visit this beautiful place is the period between May and September months.

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