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Sveti Stefan, which is founded on the coasts of the Adriatic Sea, is a small tourist destination of Montenegro. You can be sure that you will spend unforgettable moments in Sveti Stefan which welcomes the visitors who want to enjoy the deep blue beaches especially in the summer months.

The village, which is located 5 kilometers of Budva city center, has a fascinating atmosphere with its red roofed old houses. The islet, which is home to about 100 houses and a few historical churches, has been visited by many Hollywood stars until today. The islet, which was used for defense purpose for many years in the past, was turned into a holiday resort and it still offers service as a resort.

If you want to visit Sveti Stefan, you should make a reservation from one of the restaurants or hotels on the islet. Another method is to receive invitation from the people living here. However, we should remind that this is not very easy. The islet is generally preferred for summer holiday and is less crowded in the other months of the year. Moreover, the spring and summer months are very convenient for visiting the region with their climate conditions.

Sveti Stefan has a great atmosphere for those who like walking in the nature. In the summer, you can enjoy lying on the golden sandy beaches and swimming in the clear sea. In the region, which was the holiday destination of many rulers throughout the history, you can come across the summerhouses of members of the Serbian dynasty.

Praskvica Monastery, which took its name from the word meaning “peach” in the local language, is one of the major historical structures that can be visited in the region. While visiting the old monastery, you can buy various gifts. Tea, wine, soup made of goat and lavender perfumes are among the gifts that you can buy.

The hotel located on the islet is quite expensive. On the other hand, you can choose one of the more affordable hotel alternatives where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Sveti Stefan Islet. Other accommodation options are located in Budva that is  just a few minutes drive away from the islet.

When you travel to Sveti Stefan and its surrounding area, you have the chance to taste the delicious fish in every season. In addition, the region offers various alternatives for its visitors with its traditional pastries, local appetizers and desserts. If you have enough time, you can visit other touristic places such as Kotor and Budva and complete your Montenegro trip. You can fly to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, to reach Sveti Stefan which is a fairytale-like world with its red roofed houses rising on the islet. After reaching here, you can come to Sveti Stefan by bus, rental car or shuttle.

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