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Sungai Petani, one of the fastest growing cities in the north of Malaysia with its population of around 450,000, is the largest city in the Kedah region. Sungai Petani is 55 kilometers away from the capital city of Alor Setar, Kedahines capital, and is 33 kilometers away from its neighbor province of Penang.

The name of the city, which is located between Sungai Petani and Sungai Pasir Rivers that run parallel to each other, means ‘Farmer River’. According to ancient historians, the city has existed since ancient times. During the colonial period, rice and rubber were being produced in the city. Today, it is a place that has many international enterprises, especially Japanese companies, and most of all, textile, wood, tube television industry contributes to the country's economy.

The most frequently visited stop of the city is the old clock tower in the middle of the city. In the Jalan Pengalan region, you will see the Chinatown where you will feel the atmosphere like the Wild West films. The forested slopes of Gunung Jerai, an old Hindu traditional village, and the Lembah Bujang Archaeological Museum, where you will be highly impressed, are among the beauties you will encounter when you come to the city. We must say that Sungai Petani is famous for large shopping centers especially in recent years. You can encounter these shopping centers, which meet your all needs from textile to food, at the intersections and squares. Near the city, you can find other attractions including Tanjung Dawai, Sungai Sedim, Kuala Muda, Lembah Bujang and Mount Jerai.

You can reach to Sungai Petani by air, road or railway. You can come to Sungai Petani from Kuala Lumpur or from Thailand with rail system, where electrical railway is also available. The closest airports to Sungai Petani, where express bus services are also frequent, are Kepela Batas Airport and Penang International Airport. You can transfer from the airports to the city center by bus, taxi or be renting a car.

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