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About Sumida

Sumida, which is located within the borders of Tokyo, Japan's capital city, is one of the 23 districts of the city. Sumida, surrounded by neighborhoods such as Katsushika, Taitō and Adachi, is also a very popular place. Tokyo Skytree, the highest tower in Japan, which ranks the second in the world, is in Sumida, which has a population of just over 250.000 people. The Ryōgoku Kokugikan Stadium, where sumo wrestling competitions are held with great importance for the local culture of the country, is another famous building of Sumida.

This district which is known as "Sumida City" in English lies over a fairly large area. If you want to visit the entire district and see the main places comfortably, you must spend at least two full days here.

You can see Buddhist temples, museums and parks while walking around the district established in the northeast of Tokyo. Asahi Breweries, Keisei Electric Railway, Tobu Railway and Lion Corporation are among the companies you may run across in Sumida, which hosts the offices of many international corporations operating in Japan.

It is extremely comfortable and convenient to reach this distrit, which is at the heart of Tokyo, with the help of metro and other public transport vehicles. Besides, if you prefer taxi or transfer services, you can easily find a vehicle that will take you anywhere.

Don't forget to go up to one of the world's tallest buildings and enjoy the tempting view of Tokyo while wandering down the streets of Sumida. In addition, you will see many shopping stores where you can buy clothes, Japanese handicrafts, and electronic products such as computers and mobile phones.

The weather conditions in Sumida are mild in the spring and summer, and cold in winter, especially freezing in some periods. Besides, the spring months when the cherry blossoms bloom are undoubtedly very convenient for visiting Sumida and Tokyo.

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