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About Suginami

Suginami, one of the cities representing the genuine Japanese life best, is located in the west of Shinjuku, a popular city, and is close enough to be reached by train in only ten minutes. Despite this proximity, the atmosphere between the two cities is quite different, and in Suginami you see a wonderful representation of Japanese traditional life.

Established in 1603 by a land baron, Suginami, meaning “Cedar Tree Avenue”, consists of four districts. Koenji, Ogikubo, Nishi-Ogikubo and Asagaya neighborhoods with restaurants and shops that reflect local Japanese cultures are among the places that must be visited. The Tokyo Koenji Awa-Odori and Asagaya Tanabata Festival are among the city’s most colorful festivals, and offer a touristic route with a fun shopping experience with regards to animated figures, second-hand clothes, and antiquities. Suginami, a young student city with a low cost of living and colorful atmosphere, also stands out as an art and culture city where the main element of the cultural scene is concerts. The easiest way to get around the city, which offers a modern texture along the traditional atmosphere, is to take a train from JR. Shinjuku station. Otoguro Park is a Japanese Garden built on the old house of Otoguro Motoo, a well-known Western music critic. In this park you can walk through the magnificent landscape by listening to classical music.

As in everywhere in Japan, you can also see ancient temples and sanctuaries in Suginami. The oldest of the temples, each of which representing a separate mission, is the Omiyahachimangu temple, referred to as the ‘belly of Tokyo’, which was built to pray for the children in 1053. Surrounded by cherry trees and hosting a pond, the temple on the banks of the Myoshoji River is worth seeing thanks to the large landscape area around it and its 800 years of history. But the most well-known point of the city is the Suginami Animation Museum, which undoubtedly has no similar. Opened in March 2005, the museum is known as ‘anime town’ and hosts many animation production houses. Chronological history of Japanese animation, workshop rooms, libraries and DVD screenings are among the activities the museum offers.

Narita airport in Tokyo is the closest airport you can land for getting to Suginami by air. You can transfer to the city by using the train, taxi, bus or car rental options from the airport which is 68 kilometers away from the city.

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