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About Stellenbosch

The history of the town Stellenbosch, one of the oldest settlements of the Republic of South Africa dates back to the 1600s. Stellenbosch, in which the vineyards and the cultivation of the grapes become prominent, is located 50 kilometres east of Cape Town.  A small yet cute residential area, Stellenbosch offers unique and unprecedented landscapes to its visitors in each season of the year. There are many parks and trekking routes in Stellenbosch, which gives an opportunity to have a peaceful holiday in touch with the nature. The churces of Christelijke, Jongelingen, and Vereeniging are among most interesting constructions in Stellenbosch. If you are interested in participating guided wine-tours, you can have a look at the activities of Waterford Wine Estate. Indeed, Waterford Wine Estate, in which wine testing and various activities are held, offers hundreds of different types of wines to its visitors. Apart from the tasting activities, you can also visit vineyards by taking the one-day wine tours. In each winter, there are many entertaining wine festivals held in Stellenbosch. One of the best places to buy souvenirs in the town is the shop named “Oom Samie se Winkel”. Moreover, Delaire Graff Estate is the main art centre of the town in which the artworks of the most famous artists of the Republic of South Africa are exhibited. In such a quiet and calm place as Stellenbosch, urban transportation is generally by bikes and taxis. You can choose an available hotel or hostel in Stellenbosch that suits every pocket both for a lower-cost accomodation and for being close to Cape Town. You can use trains to arrive Stellenbosch, which is along the banks of the Eerste River, from Cape Town International Airport within the shortest time.

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