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Stalis, also known as Stalida, on the northern coast of Crete is a village between Malia and Hersonissos. Located 30 kilometers away from Nikos Kazantzakis Airport, Stalis is a lively destination attracting tourists from many European countries with its long sandy beaches, various bars and taverns.

For activities in the greenery of the nature, you can go to Crete Golf Club, water parks, which can be quite fun with children, and attend horse trekking tours. One of the special festivals that can be encountered in many villages of Crete is held in the villages of Stalis and Malia. In Stalis and Malia Festival, which you can attend along the streets and squares of the city, you can watch live Greek groups and dancers in traditional clothes. Moreover, you can also get a brilliant change to taste some typical Cretan food. You can select souvenirs for you beloved ones and home and taste delicacies such as chortopitakia (a Cretan specialty consisting of small spinach, rabbit and yoghurt).

You can reach the long and sandy beaches together with the crystal-clear sea by going through the Venetian-type narrow streets of Stalis, which has the most sophisticated coasts of Crete. You can also spend a nice time in the restaurants, bars and tavernas on the coast. If you look for a family-friendly beach, which is safe for children and where you can spend time with your children, you can consider the beach at the end of the Coast of Stalis. If you are interested in water sports or want to join parties thrown on the coasts in the evening, you can prefer the beaches in Malia. You can make use of the alternatives of waterski, windsurfing and snorkeling on the beaches of Malia.

You can get familiar with the culture of entertainment of Malia, get lost in its old streets and enjoy the traditional tavernas by going to Malia, which is known for its 24-hour-long parties, on daily tours. It takes only 20 minutes to walk from Stalis to Malia, plus, you can reach there by bus or mini train which you can find twice a day.

In Stalis, you can order “souvlaki” marinated kebab and a kind of Greek lasagna with potato, which are specific to the Greek cuisine, in addition to the international delicacies. Besides, you should definitely try marine products and side dishes. The best period to travel to Stalis, where summers are quite long, is the time between May and October.

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