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About St kilda

St Kilda is a neighborhood located 6 kilometers south of the city center in Melbourne, the capital of Australia. This neighborhood, which is situated on an area of only 3,2 square kilometers, is one of the favorite destinations of Melbourne visitors and an important tourism center. In addition, it is an important center of art. You can rent a bicycle in order to tour the neighborhood and enjoy cycling on private bicycle paths of St Kilda.

St Kilda, which was named after St Kilda Beach, the most popular beach of the city, has a great atmosphere for swimming and sunbathing. In addition, it is a wonderful place for boat and yacht owners with its long breakwater and marina. St Kilda is also a great place for surfing. Acland, Carlisle and Fitzroy streets are home to many elegant restaurants, cafes and bars. You can find many boutiques and stores in addition to music stores. Another alternative for shopping is Esplanade Market.

Luna Park which is a full-equipped entertainment center located on the coast, is a favorite place for those seeking excitement. The festival held in February makes St Kilda more colorful and lively. Walking on the long St Kilda pier, fishing, watching the city scenery and enjoying the sunset are among the most famous activities of St Kilda visitors. Botanic Garden is one of the natural beauties of St Kilda and visiting the garden is free of charge. You can spend your one evening at Palais Theatre in St Kilda which gives significant importance to art. St Kilda Church and Holy Trinity Church are important architectural structures to visit.

St Kilda has a very changeable weather. Different weather conditions can be seen in the same day. However, the average temperature is measured around 25 degrees in the summer season which continues from December to February. There is almost never rainfall in this season. The temperature in the winter season experienced between June and August is measured around 10 degrees. The weather in this season is misty and the city receives abundant rainfall.

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