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About Solna

Located in the northern side of the city centre of Stockholm, Solna is the smallest municipality of Stockholm. Yet, it is a centre of attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists.If you would like to take a walk in an open-air English landscape park, you should definitely see Hagaparken. Built by the King Gustav, this park has Gustav III and Chinese Pavilion, Haga Echo Temple, which might be the reasons why you would like to come back to Solna over and over again. And then, your next historic stop might be Haga Park Museum.

If you are a fan of football, Friends Arena could be your perfect spot, since it is the soccer field of both Sweden National Team and Solna’s local team. Besides, let us remind you that famous singers and groups such as Guns N Roses, Bruce Springsteen etc. has given concerts in this stadium so far. Mall of Scandinavia is located right next to Friends Arena, and is the second biggest shopping mall of the country. You will easily realize its architectural texture.

You can capture magnificent views of the salt lake called Brunnsviken in the east Solna, and then  pay your respect to İngmar Bergman in Filmstade. Known as the world’s biggest art gallery, Stockholm metro has the works of 150 artists. You should definitely dropy by and see them in Solna Centrum Station.

Solna has continental climate. Therefore, the hottest time to visit the town is the summer season.

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