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Sölden, which is a ski center on the southwest of Austria, is located on the Tiefenbach glazier in the Ötztal Valley. The town which is predominantly preferred by the rich Russians and Germans, has the highest altitude among the ski centers in Austria. The ski area of Sölden, which is at an elevation of 1,377 meters, covers three peaks called 'BIG3' and the height of these peaks is 3,250 meters. These ski tracks, which can be described as the peak of the Eastern Alps, are Austria's largest glacier ski areas. These peaks are easily accessible by lift system and high technology mountain lifts.

The hourly capacity of the ski areas in Sölden is 68,000 persons… Since seventy percent of all ski areas is covered with snow with a technological system, it is possible to ski in the town both in the winter and summer months. In September, a fair, where new equipment of the top sports brands is exhibited, is organized.

The total length of the ski tracks of Sölden is 145,5 kilometers which allows to produce many alternatives while creating ski routes. Although amateur skiers can take lesson, the tracks mostly address to semi-professional and professional skiers. There are many bars and clubs in Sölden for those who say, “both sports and party”. The nights are full of music and entertainment in Sölden. It is rumored that Putin, the president of Russia, loves this town and opened a store here.

Innsbruck Airport is located 83 kilometers of Sölden ski center and can be reached within 1 hour by car. Or, you can come to Ötztal from the airport by train and from there you can reach the town by public transportation or taxi.

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