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About Soke

Söke, which is close to both İzmir and Muğla, is a district of Aydın. There are 49 neighborhoods in Söke, which is the largest district of Aydın with a surface area of 1064 square kilometers and the third crowded district with a population of 117 thousand. The district, where the winters are rainy and the summers are dry, is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. Its vegetation consists of pines and scrubs compatible with the climate. The main agricultural products growing on fertile soil of Söke, which is a developed district in the fields of industry and agriculture, are fruits, vegetables, figs and olives. It is thought that the first settlement in Söke started with the Hittites in 5000 BC. It is known that the name of the district which was home to many civilizations throughout history was given by Suleiman Shah, one of the tribe leaders in the period of the Turkmen tribes.

The distance between Söke and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 92 kilometers and transportation can be provided by HAVAŞ and taxi. The places reflecting the historical richness of this cute district are the cave paintings in Karakaya which were created during 8000 BC, the ancient city of Myus located in Avşar Village on the bank of the Lake Bafa, St. Nicholas Church in Güllübahçe, the ancient city of Priene and rock graves located around Lake Azap in Yeşilköy. Doğanbey, which is an old Greek village, and Atburgazı Castle exhibit the traces of the recent history. The restaurants located in the borders of the Dilek Peninsula Lake Bafa, which is a bird paradise, are the best addresses to eat fresh fish. Transportation to the district is provided by trains departing from İzmir Basmane and Denizli every day. In addition, minibuses and buses departing from Aydın, İzmir, Muğla, Kuşadası and Bodrum bus terminals stop by the district.