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About Slagelse

Slagelse is a small town with epic details in the west Denmark, where you can enjoy the marvelous view of The Great Belt Bridge. Being one of the ancient towns of Denmark, it was established during the Vikings period. If you are a Vikings-enthusiast, you are at the right place! You can trace back the Vikings in Trelleborg Fortress dating back to the end of the 900s.

You can both enjoy the view of Storebaeltsbroen (The Great Belt Bridge), or cross this bridge. The Great Belt Bridge, known as the world’s 3rd longest suspension bridge was the biggest construction project of Denmark. Thanks to this bridge, now it is possible to pass Europe from Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia via Denmark.

You can take a walk on the elegant streets and magnificent squares of Slagelse. If it is your lucy day, you can even witness Royal Cavalry March that is organized once in a week, and travel through time with them. Also, you can have a fantastic time in the marina in a hot summer day in Skaelskor Havn. You should definitely see Soro Klosterkirke, one of the oldest churches of Denmark. It is a grand church in which you can find historic details from the 12th centuries till today.

In Slagelse, you can find both European or Danish local cuisine, which is under the influence of French cuisine; mainly made of meat, fish and potatoe. There are various food and beverage options on a large scale, from restaurant to cafe.

Slagelse has temperate climate, with warm winter and cool summer. So, this city is ideal for travelling in each season for various attractions.

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