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Side is a tourism centre in Antalya. Its name that has been heard almost all over the world thanks to its magnificent ancient city and theatre. Summer months are extremely busy and active in Side, which welcomes tourists from different countries throughout the year with its luxurious hotels surrounding the beaches. In this period, you would be able to enjoy the sun and the sea. Delicious fish of Mediterranean and the delicious mezes in Side appeal both to your taste and eyes.

Side was home to the civilizations that dominated the region in in different periods of history such as the Lydians, Persians, the Pergamon Kingdom and the Romans, making it ideal for a journey full of adventure throughout the centuries.

All the effects of the Mediterranean climate are experienced in Side throughout the year. The temperature, which starts to increase just after the end of winter months, is generally high in June, July and August. Winters in Side are milder compared to Turkey's eastern and northern regions. You can easily see the ancient cities and the beauties of the region by traveling in Side in the spring months. Summer months and the warm spring season are also very convenient for going around the dazzling coasts of the Mediterranean and swim in the bays.

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