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About Shinagawa

Shinagawa is one of the special city districts of Tokyo, to south of the capital city of Japan. Many of the headquarters or management offices of major companies are in Shinagawa. Although high and modern buildings largely surround the district, the traditional atmosphere of the Edo period can still be felt along the Former Tokaido Street. Here you will find shops selling traditional products, and cafes and restaurants that offer traditional flavors. There is also an active nightlife on Former Tokaido Street and the surrounding areas.

Modern artwork is exhibited in the Hara Museum, which is just one of the places in Shinagawa that’s worthy of a visit. Another place that must be seen is the large Shinagawa Temple from the 12th century. The Shinagawa Shukuba Festival is held every year at the end of September, and is a religious ceremony that might be an interesting experience. Shinagawa Kumin Park is a large green area where you can get some respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Shinagawa Aquarium and various cafes and restaurants can also be found in this park. If you want to do some shopping then you might want to visit Musashi Koyama or Kitashinagawa, which are both good streets for retail.

Alongside being one of the most frequented metro stops in Tokyo, Shinagawa has an advanced metro system that will allow you to easily reach most of the key locations in the city.

Shinagawa has a mild climate. The temperature is an average of 7-8 degrees in the winter and in the summer months in can approach 30 degrees. Although rainfall can be observed in Shinagawa throughout the year, precipitation is particularly high in June, September and October.

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