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About Sezana

Sezana, a town close to the Italian border in the Lithuanian region of Slovenia, is a special city dating back to 1152 in written sources. Today, it is the economic, educational, medical and cultural center of Slovenia Karst region. In this respect, it is in the limelight of both tourists and the locals.

The Sezana Botanical Garden is located in the heart of Sezana. You can have a nice day at the Sežana Botanical Garden, embellished with plants both from Karst and different parts of the world. The Stari Grad Park, renovated in 2010 based on the original plans, consists of a mansion and a park which have been standing since the beginning of the 19th century. Sezana could offer great options for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. At the Memorial Park in front of the court building stands out the statue of a national hero, Albert Gruden. You can have a peaceful walk around the pond in the park, which was used as a fairground in ancient times.

Dishes made from potatoes and pork are very famous in Sezana, where you can find the local delicacies of Lithuanian cuisine. Besides, you can try the sea bass, sea bream and eel. You can also try muffins, pancakes, soups and pastry desserts that taste like those in Turkish cuisine.

Sezana has a great climate and natural beauties worth traveling in every season of the year. However, those who like warm weathers can prefer the period between May and September, when the weather is much more clear and temperate.

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