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A hidden ski paradise of Austria, Serfaus is one of the three beautiful villages founded in a plateau 500 meters on average above the Inntal Valley on the foothills of the Samnaun Mountains. Situated 1427 meters up in Landeck in the Tyrol province of the country, the village receives sun lights more than two thousand hours a year. Considered as three siblings, Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis villages are the parts of a ski complex and connected to each other with gondolas and a small subway with four stops. This subway that is specific to Serfaus is the second shortest train of the world with the length of 1280 meters. Although on the higher sections of the country, Serfaus, which was known for centuries and used as a round trip road to pilgrimage areas especially in the Middle Age, was discovered by the skiers in 1900s.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or professional skier, ski-runs of Serfaus, one of the best skiing centers of the Alps, address every level. There are 70 high-tech elevators in Serfaus, an attractive center of winter sports with its 80 skiing areas, approximately 190-kilometer-long ski-run and high mountainsides rising for kilometers.  In summer, it is the favorite place of the mountain bikers, rafters in the Imst and Tösner gorges and hikers viewing the splendid Alps. Snow season starts in November and continues until April in Serfaus. You don’t have any traffic problems as no vehicles are allowed to enter the village, which has restaurants, bars and accommodation facilities for every expectation. Mostly, German and Dutch people come to the village, a peaceful place for those who are fed up of the chaos in daily life. Because it is safe and comfortable for children, it is also preferred by the families with children.

The closest airport to Serfaus, the pearl of the Alps, is Innsbruck Airport at a distance of 92 kilometers. You can reach the village from the airport by taking a train, bus, local taxi or renting a car.

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