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Selva di Val Gardena, which is close to Bolzano, is a city attracting attention with its historical and natural beauties. In addition, it is a city which still maintains the Italian traditions. You can closely witness these traditions and enjoy the cultural events by visiting the nearby charming Italian towns. One thing that is specific to Selva di Val Gardena is wood engraving. You can come across a wood engraving shop in any side street. There are luxurious hotels and a ski center on the slopes of Selva di Val Gardena which welcomes a great number of tourists especially in the winter months. In the region consisting of three different mountain villages, there are Ortisei (with 6000 inhabitants and located at a height of 1236 meters), Santa Cristina (with 1900 inhabitants and located at a height of 1428 meters) and Selva di Val Gardena (with 2580 inhabitants and located at a height of 1563 meters). Selva di Val Gardena is one of the most famous and popular villages of the Alps surrounded by Sella and Sassolungo. One of the distinctive features of Selva is undoubtedly its hospitable people. There are many alternatives in the town in terms of accommodation. There are many centers according to every budget. If you will visit Selva di Val Gardena in the winter months, you can make a reservation for a hotel close to Dolomiti Superski Ski Center in order to have an enjoyable ski holiday. You should definitely experience Sella Ronda ski tour which is one of the most commonly done activities in Selva di Val Gardena in the winter months.

In Selva di Val Gardena, which welcomes many visitors from all over the world in the four seasons of the year, there are many cafes and restaurants where you can taste not only Italian tastes but also delicacies from all over the world. You can prefer one of the gourmet restaurants to witness the unique combination of Italian and international tastes. Some of the most famous cafes and restaurants of Selva di Val Gardena are Speckkeller, Emilio Comici, Concordia, Nives, Uridl, Val, Col Raiser, Stua Catores, Gran Baita, Europa, Cendevaves, Luislkeller, Apres Ski Bar Saltos, Yello’s, Bar La Stua, Seceda and Corso. Don’t forget to visit Gherdeina Museum after discovering the most famous restaurants and cafes of the region. At Gherdeina Local Heritage Museum, located in the center of Ortisei, valuable collections regarding the cultural and natural history of Gardena Valley are exhibited. These include valuable sculptures, paintings of the local artists from the last 4 centuries, antique wooden toys, magnificent minerals, fossils of marine animals and plants, objects revealing the fascinating evolution of the Dolomite Alps, coral reefs belonging to 200 million years ago and interesting archaeological finds. You can reach Bolzano Airport, which is the closest airport to Selva di Val Gardena, by connecting flights. Bolzano Airport, which is located in the region of South Tyrol in the Northern Italy, is approximately 50 kilometers of Selva di Val Gardena center.

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