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About Sao martinho do porto

Located in the west of Portugal, Sao Martinho Do Porto is one of the peaceful settlements on the country's coasts on Atlantic Ocean. The economy of the region, which has a population under only 3,000 people according to the 2011 census, has been based on fishing and shipbuilding from past to present.

Tourism is quite developed in the areas near the seashores of Sao Martinho Do Porto. Oyster shaped bays and beaches are also among the best of the beaches in Portugal. Sports such as sailing, surfing and water skiing are quite popular on the coastal areas which becomes more amusing especially during the summer months.

However, the summer months are quite busy in Sao Martinho Do Porto and this is reflected in the prices. You can have the opportunity to make your holiday much cheaper if you go to the region in the period that starts from September and lasts until the end of April. Moreover, the fact that the sea depth is not too much is just one of the reasons that makes it a paradise for families with children.

In the summer of 2014, a seal that visited the coasts of Sao Martinho Do Porto and came presumably from France made the region even more popular. Many a great foreign tourists visited the area thanks to the seal that has become the mascot of Sao Martinho Do Porto coasts.

You can come across old chapels and churches while exploring the area and you can also have a chance to get to know the area more closely touring with a local guide having a deeper knowledge about the history of Sao Martinho Do Porto. To watch the extraordinary view of the coastline, you just need to climb the hills of Sao Martinho Do Porto.

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