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About Sandanski

Sandanski, used to be known as Sveti Vrach in history, is a small city in the northwest of Bulgaria. The city was named after Yane Sandanski, who was a revolutionary known as a hero in Bulgaria and Macedonia, and its history dates back thousands of years.

Surrounded by green nature, the city is a therapy and healing center in all aspects. The climate of the city is the kind that supports this feature.

Unlike other parts of the country, thermometers usually show 14-15 degrees throughout the year. So, whenever you come, you can enjoy a holiday without feeling cold or suffocated because of the weather.

The winter season is generally short. Autumn and spring are longer and warmer. Thanks to its mostly clear and bright sky throughout the year, Sandanski satisfies its visitors who want to recover their health.

Clear water with a pleasant taste makes Sandanski just like a heaven-sent oasis for the visitors who care about their health. When choosing your hotel in the area, you can opt for one close to thermal waters, so you can take maximum advantage of the benefits of spring water. Other than hotels, you can also find accommodation from the hostels and make your reservation in advance or be a guest of the locals who hire their rooms for tourists in the city.

After taking advantage of the spring waters that will benefit your health, remember to visit the historical places in the area. Sandanski Archaeological Museum, thanks to many valuable works, will make a great start for your tour. Popinolashki Falls, where you can spend peaceful moments in the heart of nature, the historical wineries and the Rozhen Monastery are among the nearby places waiting for the visitors to see. If you have enough time, the Kordopulova House, a typical example of the traditional houses in the area, and the Episcopal Basilica are among the great attractions to see.

The city, which stands out as a recovery and healing center since ancient times, is approximately 160 kilometers away from Sofia, the capital city. After flying to Sofia, you can take a bus or travel by car using the highway connection to reach Sandanski.

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