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San Gimignano, which is famous for its high towers that were built centuries ago, is a historic Italian town that fascinates everyone with its immense architecture. The town, which was established near Siena in the Tuscany region of the country, takes its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to its many historical monuments. If you visit San Gimignano, you can go up to the Palazzo del Popolo Tower and enjoy the magnificent view from here. San Gimignano Towers is another attraction point waiting for those who prefer to witness the breathtaking historical atmosphere of the region from a higher place.

When you visit the town surrounded by high walls, you can have a good time by tasting the delicious Italian wine made from the local grapes grown in the region. You should definitely taste the wine called Vernaccia, which you will not regret trying.

The town of San Gimignano is often called by many people as "Manhattan in Italy" because of its towers that look like in competition with each other. Indeed, while walking around the town, you can suddenly have the feeling that you are actually on Manhattan Island coming from centuries ago. While the number of towers was much higher in the past, only 14 have survived to the present day. The reason why that many towers were built in the region at that time was that these buildings were symbols of showing wealth and strength by the rich people living here.

For a good start of your travel in San Gimignano, you can prefer to visit Duomo Square that is home to a church with the same name. In addition, do not forget to see the old chapel inside the church, which almost completely erases the traces of the Middle Ages when Europe had most turbulent and difficult years. After visiting the church and chapel, which you can visit during the daytime all year round, your next tour should beTorre Grossa, which is the Grossa Tower. The church, like the other towers in the city that remains from the most magnificent times of the region, spreads magnificence in accordance with its purpose.

The towers built within the region has some similarities with each other in general. While there are usually workshops on the ground floors, there are living areas on the upper floors and a kitchen on the top. The reason why the kitchen is located at the top of the building is that it makes it easier to evacuate in case of a fire.

San Gimignano 1300 Museum is another important point for San Gimignano tours. If you are wondering what San Gimignano looked like centuries ago, like in the 1300s, you can find the answers to you questions here. The exhibits displayed in the museum are far beyond classical art. You can have the chance see the town images belonging to centuries ago and compare it to its current state.

The air temperature in the town is highly low from mid-November to the end of February. In July and August, it is possible to get overwhelmed by heat, especially when traveling outside. If you prefer to visit the town in a more comfortable and temperate atmosphere, it is better to arrange a travel to San Gimignano in mid-May or September and October.

One of the most practical route options to reach the town is obviously to come to San Gimignano by bus through Florence. Buses leave passengers at the entrance of the town and you have to walk into the historic center. For those who want to take the trains, the nearest station is located in Poggibonsi. You can get off the train at the station and take the San Gimignano buses directly. If you are coming from Siena, which is one of the other developed cities in the area, it is enough to take a bus ride to San Gimignano, which takes about an hour.

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