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About Salento

Salento, which is located in the Quindio region of Colombia, is a small and peaceful city surrounded by rugged mountain ranges and rivers. By being one of the safest places in Colombia and smelling like a fresh coffee, it's the very place to go and see the city.

One of the most noticeable features of Salento is its traditional structure that has been preserved for many years. Small streets will welcome you with colorful houses with the wooden balconies in the colonial paisa style. Especially Plaza Bolivar Street is the most spectacular point of the city in terms of handicraft workshops, small traditional shops and paisa houses. Although Salento has small population, it has intensive mobility. Because the city is located very close to Nevados National Park, where the Cocora Valley is also located and which has crucial importance on the coffee axis of the country. The fact that Salento is a traveler's frequent destination is based on the Cocora Valley. The valley, where blue and green meet and many bird species live, is most known for its palm trees. Quindios (Candle Palm) are the national symbol of Colombia. They seem to have been transformed into a huge forest from randomly thrown seeds and they grow in this valley. Palms will be the tallest trees you can see with their height of almost 70 meters during walk between tropical forests in the valley. The valley is accompanied by guides on horseback and also can be travel with terrain vehicles called the willys, you can also walk in the bird sounds of the wonderful nature. The most common activities in the city are mountain biking, horse riding and trekking where you can integrate with its unique nature.

Salento is one of the most important coffee producers in Colombia and is a part of the country’s coffee triangle along with the cities of Risaralda and Caldas. When you visit the coffee plantations in Salento, which is almost 2000 meters high, you can perceive tempting smell and learn the phases of the coffee until it comes to your cup. The city's must-have is to stop at a coffee shop and act as a foodie.

The winter season in the city is rainy, where it is sunny by noon, and cloudy in the afternoon. When you want to come to the city by air, you can get to one of the two nearest airports. The first one named Matecana is 43 kilometers away. And the second one, El Eden International Airport, is 45 kilometers away. You can reach the city center by renting a car or by bus from the airport.

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