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Saints Constantine and Helena, which is located 8 kilometers north of Varna city center, is the oldest town of Bulgaria. The pathway to the beach, which seems like a natural terrace with a height of 10 to 15 meters above sea level, is surrounded by evergreen forests that have cypress, lily, lilac, cedar and aromatic fig trees. You will admire the panoramic view of the rugged coastline and the blue and green combination of the town.

The name of the town comes from the monastery dedicated to his mother by Roman Emperor I. Constantine. You can visit the Botanical Garden of the University of Sofia, where you can see hundred types of plants together and also beautiful architectural monuments of Bulgaria such as the 19th Century Royal Summer Palace, and especially the Eastern Orthodox Monastery dating from the 16th century. Besides, you should definitely visit the archaeological site of Kasrritzi Port that is one of the best preserved medieval settlements in the country.

Saints Constantine and Helena town is known as a health center with its natural mineral water sources. The town is also known as the destination of the holiday thanks to its pure natural sand and its blue sea. The seaside season of the town, where the summers are hot and dry, lasts from May to October. You can enjoy the sea and the sun together in the town with its luxurious resorts, modern hotels and villas, and you can also benefit from the most popular spa facilities on the Black Sea coast. The town also has Balneology (healing water treatment) centers established in 1908 and you can enjoy the two large healing water pools near the beaches.

Saints Constantine and Helena has increased its popularity especially in the 20th century, and it has many facilities, both water sports and field sports. Social areas such as two marina, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants also provide all the comforts that a holiday resort needs to have.

The Varna International Airport is the nearest airport to the city with 16 kilometers, if you wish to travel to Saints Constantine and Helena, one of the hottest towns in Bulgaria. Getting to the town from the airport with public transportation is very easy. You can reach to Saints Constantine and Helena from Varna in about 20 minutes with the bus lines of the city departing every 10 minutes.

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