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Located in the west of the Liptov basin in Slovakia, at the joining of Reva and Vah rivers, Ruzomberok is one of the most important cities of the region. The city is located on the eastern slopes of the Velınka (Big) Fatra Mountains, one of the symbolic places in Slovakia. The city is known to be called 'cellulose city' due to its production of paper that has been going on for centuries. Today, Ruzomberok is a favorite for tourism with its fresh air, warm atmosphere and exquisite mountain panorama. Every season of the year you can take walks with nature and the city has a wide historical route. The mausoleum of the Slovak monk and resident Andrej Hlinka is a first visiting point. Namestie A. Hlinku (A. Hlinka Square), which features the late Gothic Roman Church and the city hall building built in 1897, is also places to see. Ruzomberok, where you can see stone statues and Art Noveau town houses in almost every street and square, is famous for its steps taken in thousands of pictures. Liptov Museum, which is a treasure trove for art lovers and a picture gallery of the famous Slovak artist Ludovit Fulla, and you will also find the streets of the city shaded by linden trees, which gives a romantic feel. Around the city, the Malino Brdo has 6 ski lifts, 2 cable cars and kilometers of ski slopes for winter skiers, and in the summer its one of the places where cyclists visit. Another touristist place of interest in the city during the summer is Hrabovo Recreation Area. It was built as an old water tank, and you can now swim in the area and go fishing and go on boat rides. The village of Vlkolinec, is where you will admire the nature of Ruzomberok and the colourful stone houses, each of which are located in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1993. You can see an unique view from the high-altitude Velky Choc with a birds-eye view of the citys countryside, and photograph the spectacular views of the medieval Likava Castle and Chalets. Ruzomberok, the peaceful city of Slovakia nearest airport is John Paul II International Airport. The airport is located in Krakow, Poland, 169 kilometers from the city center of Ruzomberok. You can travel by bus, shuttle, taxi or car rental.

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